Haben Sie Deutsche Sprechen?


Every summer for the last five years I have attended the Romance Writers of America National Conference. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other writers, chat with agents and editors, attend workshops, and celebrate the various awards given to authors within our genre. Attended mostly by women, over 2,000 participants show up to commiserate, educate, and just plain party! I plan on attending again this July, looking forward to a tiring but fun week in Denver.

However, before July comes I plan on doing something way out of my comfort zone. I plan on attending the Love Letters Romance Writers Conference held this Mother’s Day weekend in Berlin, Germany. May should be a lovely time to visit this provocative city, and I look forward to meeting old friends as well as making new ones. Romance as a genre is one the rise in Europe, and I can’t wait to hear what those readers most enjoy and expect from their authors. It should be a fun weekend, needless to say.

In the meantime, I’m taking some time out each day to improve my German speaking skills. Not an easy thing to do, as I live in an area of southern Oregon where very few German speakers exist. I have an online tutor, who is excellent. Yet, I do yearn for the chance of an occasional chat over coffee with a native speaker. I’ve got my feelers out, but in the meantime, I’ll merely have to keep calm and speak German!