Free My Heart

Free My Heart #7.jpg

This blog is a bit of a teaser. March 28th is the release date for the second novel in my Salmon Run series, Free My Heart. It will come out in ebook form on that date, then in print sometime in early May. It is the story of Bailey Anderssohn, one-time international opera star, who inherits the family ranch near Salmon Run, Washington. Seeking a creative outlet, she jumps at the chance to ghost-write the autobiography of a retiring German soccer star.

It’s a difficult few months for Bailey, since the young man’s widowed father, Bastien Steinholz, is not only rude, but also refuses to divulge needed information about the family’s past. Still, the attraction between them slowly dispels their initial apprehensions about each other.

Can these two seemingly unsuited people escape their loneliness and into one another’s hearts? Will they find a way to trust each other enough to fall in love again? And if they do, how will they manage living continents away from each other?  These are the questions that drive the story as well as the characters throughout the book. I can’t wait until you read it!

Gwen Overland