What a glorious gathering for my very first book launch! Village Books in Lynden, Washington hosted an evening’s event which included a talk, a reading and a Q & A session in the Waples Room of the exquisite Inn of Lynden. Later, we all descended into the book store for an autograph session, where the store happily ran out of books, the sales were that good!

I was touched by how many of my friends and family members were there to support me and my new endeavor. Yet, most amazing were the new local fans I met as they were enticed by the store’s promotion of Love’s Harvest, my debut novel. These Lyndenites learned rather quickly that I had set the fictional town of Salmon Run right in their neighborhood, a first for the city. They were also curious about my connection to my brother and sister-in-law’s business, Syro’s Greek and Italian Restaurant,  just one block from Village Books—right on Front Street.

I want to thank my family and Syro’s for the lovely dinner they provided after the event for my close friends and family. It was an evening I’m sure to never forget. And one that bears repeating, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Gwen Overland