Life as a Featured Author

A year ago I had the privilege of attending the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin, Germany. I came as a reader, merely to check out what the whole business was about. You can’t imagine how surprised I was at how well attended and how well organized it was! The same was true this year, with the exception that this time around I was one of their featured authors. Unlike RWA which is designed for writers, the LoveLetter Convention is designed to meet the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of romance readers and bloggers. For me, it was an opportunity to speak with those US authors who already had a large German readership, as well as to discover what European readers are looking for in all sub-categories of the genre. I also was able to meet many fine European romance writers, not only from Germany, but primarily from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, and the Republic of Ireland. Needless to say, I had a blast.


And let me tell you, Katrin and Kris, the two grande dames of the event, kept me busy. I moderated two panels, was on my own panel, did a Q & A session, did a reading from my latest book, went on an hour-long Blind Date adventure, and signed books for over two hours with other noteworthy authors. The Cafe Moskau, where the event was located, is situated near the Mitte of the city and was absolutely perfect in size and proximity. I stayed at the beautiful Titanic Chausee Hotel not far from the convention and enjoyed the excellent taxi service Berlin offers.  Two days felt like two weeks, for there was so much to do and so many exciting people to meet.

I sold quite a few books and met some wonderful people whom I hope to connect with again soon. Committed readers to an author are an enormous gift. They certainly gave this author motivation to write more and publish faster than in the past. I have a special love for Berlin and especially for its people. Needless to say, I can hardly wait to return again next year to present the many new books I plan to write in the mean time. Hooray for the LoveLetter Convention!




Gwen Overland